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Pearl Effect Epoxy Flooring


Metallic Pearlescent Pigments

For Special Effect Flooring Systems

Shimi Metallic Pigments are special effect pigments composed of mica nano-particles coated with various inorganic pigments to create metallic effects that mimic the natural look of stone and rock formations.  These unique pigments are designed to be filed blended with our 100% solids clear Epoxy resins.  When the metallic particles are mixed with epoxy they give the coating a shine that reflects light and creates eye-catching dramatic effects.

We have the following Metallic Pearlescent Pigments for special effect blends:


  1. Sliver White: Better weather resistance – Luster with silver metal-line effect whiter and brighter)
  1. Interference: Gold, orange, red, violet, blue and green)
  1. Golden Luster: Sparkle and brilliant golden luster, high temperature suitable, chemical stability, weather resistance and non-conductive.
  1. Recolored: Glittering luster, Brighter and Purer chromatic effect
  1. Metallic Luster: Bronze, brown, red, purple red and red green – dazzlingly beautiful with Metallic luster, High physical and chemical stability.
  1. Crystal: Weather resistance and won’t get gray and yellowish under high temperature.  Better whiteness and luster, better chroma and color clearness, less back spot and easy application.
  1. Diamond Effect: 3D diamond luster, excellent color purity, brightness, transparency and reflectivity.  Elegance and noble color.
  1. 3D Magnetic: Synthetic Fluorophlogopite, vivid 3D effect
  1. Weather Resistance: Environmentally benign and highly transparent pigments, excellent durability, humidity resistance and suitable for harsh weathering conditions.

Available in many colours and textures:

  • Pearl White
  • Silver Pearl
  • Copper & Terracotta
  • Shine Orange
  • Sky Blue
  • Satin Coffee
  • Olive Green
  • Dragon Gold
  • Glow in Dark Colours

Please contact Shimicoat Technical Team for further advice.