Shimicoat is an Australian owned company with over 20 years of expertise and knowledge in industrial applications of chemicals and materials. We provide products and services to the following sectors:

1. Residentials
2. Commercials
3. Industrial

Our Brands provide real alternatives for customers seeking biodegradable and non-toxic at most competitive prices and guaranteed performance.

We are engaged in chemical technology research and specific formulation manufacturing to clients’ need and specific requirements.

As people look to a more environmentally responsible society they find Shimicoat as a company focused on efficiency, performance, competitive and focused on sustainability.

As your strategic and trusted partner, we are delighted to offer best advice strongly supported by science and technology with dedicated chemist to your small home project, and to achieve best outcome for your operations. We offer customized products and services to your specific application, which involves our expertise on products and materials.

Shimicoat applies certain expertise to ensure you get bouquet products and services to achieve your optimum goals and objectives within your operations. Shimicoat is proud to offer Green Solutions with particular attention to environmental impact of your project.


We will energetically deliver outstanding products and services

We will consistently think, say and do what is right

We will treasure all helpful people, ideas and organizations

We will enthusiastically create and embrace positive change

SHIMICOAT is an Australian company with over 20 years of expertise and knowledge in the fields of surface coating and chemical industries. We are an innovative private company specialised in the supply and application of high quality, environmentally friendly surface coating materials and related chemicals.

At SHIMICOAT, we are:

• Passionate
• Always Improving
• Client Focused
• Honest and dependable


• Competitive Prices
• Guarantied Quality
• Better Services
• Better Materials
• Better Colours (Vibrant & Beautiful Tints and Flakes)
• Creative Design
• Natural Materials
• Dedicated Qualified Industrial Chemist on your job
• Dedicated Designer to create your ideal flooring system

As a reliable and professional Surface Technologist, Shimicoat is devoted to providing excellent products and services to customers. If you choose Shimicoat for your supply of products or services, we will be grateful and will ensure your total satisfaction.

When you deal with SHIMICOAT Grinding, you are dealing with trained professionals. Our team is composed of individuals who are floor preparation specialists. They are friendly, courteous, and helpful. They can answer your questions about the project and provide you with an update of the progress at any point of the project.

When you choose SHIMICOAT for your floor preparation needs, we ensure that you get the most experienced team for your job. Our members have been involved in countless projects working with various materials including cork, timber, tiles, and carpet, floorboards, just to name a few. We have been commissioned to prep hundreds of projects throughout Perth and neighbouring areas and can guarantee your project is in safe hands.

Builders, renovators and other construction firms choose to work with us because they know they can rely on our well-maintained equipment, knowledge, and experience to produce the best possible result for each project. We help them save both time and money during the process.

No matter how big or small the project might be, we pride ourselves on completing on time and within budget. Keeping the disruption to your family or business to a minimum is our number one priority.

Lastly, we make sure that there is as little dust as possible while we are doing the job. Floor preparation is a dusty and dirty job, but we have perfected the process to keep dust and debris to a minimum. When we leave the site, we take everything with us, including all rubble and dust on site.

If you are interested in our floor preparation services, contact us today. We will try our best to answer your inquiries as soon as possible.