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Pearl Effect Epoxy Flooring

Pearl Effect and Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Metallic Pearlescent Pigments
For Special Effect Flooring Systems

Shimi Metallic Pigments are special effect pigments composed of mica nano-particles coated with various inorganic pigments to create metallic effects that mimic the natural look of stone and rock formations.  These unique pigments are designed to be filed blended with our 100% solids clear Epoxy resins.  When the metallic particles are mixed with epoxy they give the coating a shine that reflects light and creates eye-catching dramatic effects.

We have the following Metallic Pearlescent Pigments for special effect blends:


  1. Sliver White: Better weather resistance - Luster with silver metal-line effect whiter and brighter)
  1. Interference: Gold, orange, red, violet, blue and green)
  1. Golden Luster: Sparkle and brilliant golden luster, high temperature suitable, chemical stability, weather resistance and non-conductive.
  1. Recolored: Glittering luster, Brighter and Purer chromatic effect
  1. Metallic Luster: Bronze, brown, red, purple red and red green - dazzlingly beautiful with Metallic luster, High physical and chemical stability.
  1. Crystal: Weather resistance and won't get gray and yellowish under high temperature.  Better whiteness and luster, better chroma and color clearness, less back spot and easy application.
  1. Diamond Effect: 3D diamond luster, excellent color purity, brightness, transparency and reflectivity.  Elegance and noble color.
  1. 3D Magnetic: Synthetic Fluorophlogopite, vivid 3D effect
  1. Weather Resistance: Environmentally benign and highly transparent pigments, excellent durability, humidity resistance and suitable for harsh weathering conditions.

Available in many colours and textures:

  • Pearl White
  • Silver Pearl
  • Copper & Terracotta
  • Shine Orange
  • Sky Blue
  • Satin Coffee
  • Olive Green
  • Dragon Gold
  • Glow in Dark Colours

Please contact Shimicoat Technical Team for further advice.

Coating Over Existing Tiles

Coating Over Existing Tiles

Laying Epoxy Floors Over Existing Tiles

Tiles have always been the most popular and common flooring choice including Ceramic tiles, porcelain tile and many more verities.  Tile Used in internally and externally to get shiny fantastic look over time.

However, they have a number of weaknesses:

  1. Grout dirt and discolouration,
  2. Chipping and cracking
  3. Slipperiness
  4. Hard to maintain
  5. Non-Hygienic

Grout lines are probably their main weakness in a number of ways. Hard to clean, attract dirts, flaking off and they are Non-Hygienic.

Due to these reasons, some people prefer to change from their existing tiled floor to Shimicoat hardware surface. Nevertheless, they realise to remove tiles is typically a big job that can be costly and time consuming and much more dust and noise involving. Or even may not have good subfloor underneath the tile which could make major expenses toward to the project.

There can also be other explanations for not wanting to remove the tiles too. Such as, may have to raise the floor level again by 10 – 15mm afterwards. Or will leave with step everywhere in the house. Many of these people see a decorative seamless floor and think, “wouldn’t it be great if I could just apply it over the top of the tiles!?”

Shimicoat offers coating over existing tiles:
It is often the case that a client wants to install an epoxy coating on a tiled floor. The standard (and often the best) approach is to remove the tiles, thoroughly clean the substrate underneath, repair and grout every crack, hole, and any other damage caused during the removal of the tiles before installing the new epoxy flooring coating on top.

These people prefer to avoid all the extra work and simply install the epoxy flooring coating straight over the tiles and take advantage of their existing good conditions.  Shimicoat can offer a solution to this problem.

These are the special techniques to coat over your existing tiles:

  1. Grind the tiles surface with appropriate diamond plates. You will note that tiles are primarily smooth, glazed, shiny and often coated with a protective varnish. To enable a surface in which to give the best chance of getting the epoxy to stick to the tiles, the top surface must be roughened/buffed up with certain level of porosity. Some installers have posed the question of using shot blasting equipment instead. This method can be used, but the main problem with that is that shot-blasting is a relatively powerful process that may well lead to the tiles being dislodged resulting in some unwanted problems.
  2. It is also extremely important to use a low-viscosity epoxy primer (Shimi Primer) with a recognised quality polyamide curing agent. These primer products have a far better penetrating capability and adhesion properties than the thicker epoxy primers and will virtually guarantee the epoxy flooring strong adhesion to a challenging surface like polished tiles.
  3. The joints may have a tendency to show as shady lines, after the coating has been installed. If you just try installing a coating over tiles, the joints will almost definitely show (even when installing a 2-3mm self-levelling screed). The cause of this may not necessarily be the improper filling of the joints, but sometimes the joints will show simply due to the way light is diffracted and reflected off the epoxy flooring coating.  Shimicoat has primer epoxy product to minimize these effects, when compared to other products in the marketplace.  Shimicoat can also offer flake or non-slip flooring system to eliminate these shady lines effect.
  4. The most suitable way to deal with any joints problem is to effectively install two self-leveling layers of epoxy. It is okay to have the first one relatively thin at around 1-2mm which can serve as a filling layer. But the finishing coat should be thicker and around at least 2-3mm with stronger suitable tint.
  5. Epoxy grout may be used to fill the joints and minimize the shady effect, followed by sanding the grout before installing the final coating. The first solution of two layers of self-leveling epoxy, may be preferable based on our expertise. But it will cost more in materials and less on labour.
  6. Shimicoat Decorative Coating System can offer many options to coat over any existing tile surfaces. We have many different design choices and application method according to your design and planning requirement.

Our coating System can be applied internally or externally on over existing Ceramic tile, terracotta tile, concrete tile, and many more surfaces, not including porcelain tiles, as we can never make them porous, permeable and absorbent on surface.

We have got develop system which make sure coating bind well in to the tile surface and last long. Shimicoat Epoxy over tile systems are durable, Elegance, decorative and affordable.

With our system no more you have to remove tile and furniture and fixture to get done the floors. Our system goes right over it and makes beautiful decorative finishes which will make you happy every time you see it.

Each and every project we take carefully and plan and design according to the present situation. For more information and best solution for your project, please contact us now.

How to Apply Epoxy Coating Over a Tile Floor

Epoxy coating is a very strong substance that can be used in a myriad of applications. It is often used as an adhesive and to seal floors.  It may also assist with water proofing and moisture mitigation. When you use this coating on a floor, it not only seals it from water damage, but also prevents scratches and dents. A tile floor is especially susceptible to water damage and broken tiles, so an epoxy coating that can prevent this kind of damage is a useful investment. It is not often applied to tile because of the long curing time, but doing so is worth the hassle of not constantly worrying about repairs.


Follow the steps below to cover your tile floor and keep it protected:

Step 1 - Clean and Prepare the Tile Floor

Tiles are typically covered with a smooth and glazed finish that prevents anything from getting through to the surface. If you expect to apply an epoxy coating, then you need to get the finish to a point where it can accept the coating. So first, sweep the floor and sand/grind it to give it a texture for the epoxy to grip. Be careful that you don't sand/grind too much because you do not want to completely damage the finish. When you have completed this task, wipe the tile with a tack cloth and use a blower to completely remove the surface dust.  It is very important to ensure the surface is DUST FREE prior to applying resins.

Step 2 - Apply Basecoat (Shimi Primer)

If you want to change the color of the tile, hide the tiles and obtain more coverage, use a white primer, or a colour to match your topcoat.  Begin at one of the corners and apply an even coat of primer over the entire floor. It's important to follow the design of the tile as well as primer the grout. Spread and roll all over the floor to ensure complete coverage.  Allow the primer to cure for a day.

Step 3 - Finish with the Epoxy Coating (Shimi Topcoat)

Prepare your topcoat in your desired colours and textures.  Consult Shimicoat Technical Team for assistance.  Begin in the same corner as you did previously, and work slowly using a brush or roller to apply the topcoat. Allow the top coat to dry. Wipe down with a clean tack cloth before you apply another coat. Introduce flakes and other decorative materials over the wet floor (if you wish).  Do not buff the floor, and wait a day or two before walking on it to ensure you don't damage the final result before it cures.

Hygiene and Maintenance Free Flooring

Hygiene and Maintenance Free Flooring

Shimicoat Seamless Durable Resin Coatings That
Do Not Support Bacterial Or Fungal Growth

Backed with rich experience and knowledge, SHIMICOAT is considered to be one of the most professional manufacturer and service-provider of Epoxy Flooring for both commercial and residential sectors. SHIMICLOAT offer services to Healthcare Industry, Pharmaceuticals, Hospitals, Clinics, Operation Theatres, Bio-Chemical Laboratories and such other areas, where anti-bacterial environment is a MUST, our offered Epoxy Flooring is highly preferred as it is dust free, durable, hygienic, easy to clean, modern and functional. Our floors retain gloss for a long-time, does not allow fungi growth or bacteria, they are joint-less, seamless and stain-free.

Epoxy Polymer Flooring Systems are the choice for many hospitals, commercial kitchens, laboratories, cold-rooms and restroom facilities for its hygiene properties. An Epoxy surface is impervious to the ingression of impurities, is seamless and can be coved up wall surfaces so as to remove opportunity for the harbouring of dirt, grime, and bacteria. Keeping an Epoxy Floor clean and hygienic could not be easier.

There are many situations where hygienic, easy-to-clean, durable floor and wall coatings are a necessity not simply a nice-to-have. In healthcare, pharmaceuticals, prisons & custodial, food & beverage production and many other sectors, hygiene is of paramount importance. It is imperative that the floor and wall finishes in specialist facilities support the rigorous operational standards required within these sectors. Selecting floor and wall finishes that simplify cleaning procedures and maintenance requirements can reduce costs and enable funds to be spent on other key priorities. Joints, seals and cracks can collect dirt and harbour microbes even when best efforts are made to thoroughly clean surfaces. It is the nature of the materials that creates the problem.

Choosing seamless, non-porous, durable finishes is the key. Vinyl sheeting and tiles, PVC cladding sheets / panelling, ceramic tiles and other commonly used floor and wall finishes all create a high number of joints. Furthermore, if the joints fail and dirt or liquid gets behind the sheet, tile or panel it is very difficult to clean without stripping up the materials. An indication that his has happened is often smell, especially in areas such as public toilets where liquids such as urine can seep underneath floor sheets and tiles. An excellent alternative is a SHIMICOAT Resin Floor Finishing System.

To choose the right hygienic resin system for you, the following points need to be considered:

  • What chemicals will be used in any processing in the area and/or for cleaning/sanitizing? Types and concentrations
  • What kinds and amount of impact and/or abrasion will the wall of floor surface experience? frequency, equipment, wheel types of trolleys, susceptibility to deliberate damage or vandalism etc.
  • What degree of temperatures will the surface be exposed to? Normal air temperature, refrigeration / climate cooled, exposure to steam, temperature of any spillages etc.

Shimicoat Epoxy Flooring Systems provide chemical containment solutions and corrosion protection to the Oil & Gas, Water & Sewerage, Mining and Food processing industries.

Our protective coatings are specially engineered to withstand highly corrosive or acid environments by providing a high build layer of acid protection and chemical attack.

Shimicoat Epoxy Coatings provide maximum protection to containment walls and barriers whilst the acid resistant coatings offer outstanding solutions to partly and fully submerged environments most commonly found in waste water treatment plants.

Coved & Health Compliance Floors

Coved & Health Compliance Floors

In accordance to Australian Standard, in all instances where floors are to be flushed with water, the intersection of walls & plinths are to be coved to a minimum radius of 25mm. Coving is to be an integral part of the floor, plinth & wall surface finish. Where vinyl sheeting is used to form a cove, a preformed coving fillet support is to be used (Reference AS4674-2004).

What is Coving?

Coving is an epoxy mortar installed to the wall and floor junction to create a curve, which is seamlessly incorporated into the floor system that has been applied.  This prevents bacteria from harbouring in the wall and floor junction.

Once installed, the coving is coated with an impervious epoxy or polyurethane coating.

Coving can be used in any of the following areas:

  • Food & Beverage Production
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Coolrooms & Freezers
  • Wet areas


The height of the coving must meet the Australian Standards and Local Council requirements.   Most councils require up to 100mm coving height.

Coving in Cool-Rooms:

In cool-rooms, due to differential movement between the panel and the concrete substrate, an aluminium arrowhead is required to be placed between the coving and the panel.  The aluminium arrowhead is fixed to the cool-room panel at the required height, prior to laying the floor system.

This technique ensures the epoxy mortar does not adhere to the panel, thereby allowing the panel to move and not crack the epoxy cove.

Coving with ShimiFlakes:

Coving with ShimiFlake Flooring System offers highly aesthetic and desirable appearance.

Coving with Tiled Walls

The tiles should be installed before the floor and coving commence.  The bottom tiles need to be laid at the required height of the cove from the floor, to ensure, the coving finishes flush with the face of the tiles.

Epoxy Coving System is used prior to applying a decorative epoxy coating where local authority regulations require coving between the floor and wall.

SHIMICOAT offers coving solutions to many commercial kitchen and food preparation facilities.

Antiskid Floors

Antiskid Floors

Shimi Grip Flooring System

SHIMICOAT offers a comprehensive range of flooring and anti-slip coatings. The industrial, abrasion resistant, high impact flooring solutions are highly suitable for the Commercial, Industrial, Marine, Mining, Manufacturing and Oil & Gas sectors. The products can be trowelled for ease of gradient and fall levelling (screeding) and anti-slip top coatings also available to facilitate a safer non-slip walking surface. The self-levelling product can be applied to obtain 100% flat surface without any ditch or bump.

SHIMICOAT also provides its very own food grade range of flooring solutions which are highly regarded and suitable for use within clean industries including hospitals, nursing homes & food manufacturing plants. All products come in a variety of colours through the addition of colour packs and pigments.

The new revolution in Non-Slip Flooring - SAFETY Flooring System:

We are dedicated to making your floor SAFE and CLEAN for your Staff and Guests to work and walk on through comprehensive non-slip coating solutions.

Australian Standards for Slip-Resistance are in place for a reason, hence our products are OH&S compliant and cost effective.

We supply and/or install most Non-Slip Epoxy, Polyurethane, MMA & Polyaspartic products.


  • Slippery When Wet?
  • Unsafe to Walk On?
  • Uneven?
  • Damaged and cracked?
  • In Need of Maintenance?

Then let SHIMICOAT tailor a solution for you.

We can make your existing tiled surface Non-Slip for a fraction of the cost of a new floor.

None Slip Floor Treatment - DIY:

If you are a handyman and wish to save some money, then call Shimicoat!

DIY – You can complete your own Non-Slip project yourself.  We provide you complete training/ instruction on how to achieve it.

Many Reasons why SHIMICOAT provides the best products and services:

  1. Very easy to install
  2. Limited downtime
  3. Chemical resistance
  4. Low/Nil VOC
  5. Longevity – Over 5 years
  6. Available in single or dual component systems
  7. Available in number of resin types (talk to our experts)
  8. Economical

Non-Slip's Philosophy

Non-Slip's philosophy for customer service is “Customer Comes First”.

Why is Slip Resistant Flooring important for Homes

Although many homeowners prefer installing finely polished shiny tile floors, hardwood floors or gorgeous looking granite, these materials always come with the risk of causing potentially dangerous slips and trips. We all know that smooth floors are easier to slip on, particularly when water is spilled. The condition can worsen, particularly when children and seniors are involved. This emphasizes the need to consider a slip resistant floor that can replace hazardous flooring and increase traction, especially for certain areas exposed to rain or high traffic such as entries, balconies, steps, etc.

Most homes feature hard flooring that includes vinyl, linoleum, ceramic smooth tile, smooth stone, concrete and others in some part of the home interior like the bathroom, laundry, kitchen and even garage. These areas are more prone to slips and trips as the chances of water spillage are higher.

What to do:

When it comes to young children and an aging population, it is especially important to create an accident-free home.  One of the first areas that can be addressed is by eliminating any types of slip inducing flooring and replacing them with a safer option.

One option to consider is SHIMICOAT range of decorative polyaspartic and epoxy coatings. SHIMICOAT provides a unique and decorative alternative to tile and other flooring.  With added slip resistant granule these “Rolled” floor coatings can be applied over old and new concrete and other substrates, providing the home owner with a choice of beautiful colours and a finish that is both slip-resistant, durable, modern, hygiene and functional.


  • SHIMICOAT floor coating materials can be applied on concrete and other hard surfaces enhancing the look and feel of the floor.
  • Slip-resistant granules can be added to eliminate the risk of slip in any wet area.
  • SHIMICOAT floor coating solutions work effectively in all conditions such as greasy, wet or dry floors with the addition of slip-resistant granules
  • Our products are easy and fast to apply - even in a day (depending on the size of the area). There is no need to wait long for the floor to dry, one day application, one day curing. Rapid fast “Return to Normal”.
  • Anti-slip treatment can be effective for five years and over, reapplication is easy and economical.

The slip resistance test classification and the mean angle of inclination:

SHIMICOAT implement Australian Standard for characterisation of surface materials and determination of friction factors under wet and dry conditions.

This Standard is also intended for evaluating surface applications and treatments including products such as sealers, polishes and etchants which may modify the surface characteristics of pedestrian surfaces.

Modern Flake/Chip Flooring

Modern Flake/Chip Flooring

ShimiPoxy Decorative - Color, Flake and Chip Flooring System

SHIMIFLAKES are polymeric Flakes, incorporated in seamless epoxy and polyurethane floor systems are a great alternative to other types of floor / wall coverings. The decorative flakes are colourful, tough, low maintenance, seamless,durable and hygienic coating systems for floors, walls and other surfaces for commercial, institutional and domestic areas.

SHIMICOAT Epoxy Flooring systems are highly decorative surface material containing a creative blend of pigmented and glitter flakes, which are scattered and sealed over a coloured epoxy resin base coat. The systems deliver a hard-wearing, high-gloss finish and offers excellent UV resistance. The floor is modern, hygiene, economical and fully functional. ShimiPoxy Decorative Flake Epoxy System allows for the addition of colorant and/or decorative elements for an aesthetically pleasing, yet extraordinarily durable, highly-protective floor surfaces.

A range of standard and custom solid colors, as well as colored flake and chip or quartz aggregate blends are available. Systems may be installed as thick as 1/4” or more by incorporating broadcast silica sand or special graded aggregate blends.

SHIMIFLAKE flooring is extremely durable and has a long lasting floor surface. The polymers used give abrasion and impact resistance and when used with a high-performance urethane as topcoats form an extremely durable and long lasting floor surface.

We supply colour CHIPS for use as a design element in durable, seamless flooring systems. Our Flakes and Chips (also known as flecks) are the highest performing brand available, and are used to enhance all types of residential, commercial, and industrial environments, from garages, utility rooms, and basements to high-traffic corridors, restrooms, warehouses, and retail spaces.

Advantages of our Chips and Flakes:

• Seamless Surface
• Graffiti Resistant
• Water Resistant
• Great for High Traffic Areas
• Will not harbour Bacteria
• Modern and Stylish
• Economical
• Decorative
• Unlimited Colours and Blends
• Striped Patterns Available
• Multiple Sizes
• Customizable
• Flat Surface / Thin Profile
• Fire Resistant
• Resistant To UV Degradation
• Absorbent

For more information please see: Shimiflake

Bright Coloured Seamless Resin Floors

Bright Coloured Seamless Resin Floors


ShimiColours come in a range of Tint and Colours with Metallic effect suitable for both Acrylic, Urethane and Epoxy based resins.  There are two categories of ShimiColours:

  1. ShimiColours L
  2. ShimiColours M

ShimiColour L is liquid colour pack suitable for Acrylic, Urethane and Epoxy based resin products such as ShimiSeal and ShimiPoxy.

ShimiColours M is Powder Metallic colour pack suitable for both Acrylic and Epoxy based resin products such as ShimiSeal and ShimiPoxy.  ShimiColour M creates pearlescent features, Swirl Coats and Marble Coats in decorative flooring systems.

You will only require a very small amount (as low as 1 part per 1000) to transform clear resin into vibrant colours.  Higher concentrations may be required for some floor to achieve better coverage.  We recommend 5% in Concrete Sealers (Acrylic Resins) and 10% in Epoxy Flooring Systems.

ShimiColours L

ShimiColours L are liquid pigments available in 250mL and 1000mL tin containers, with easy pour lid, so you can dispense small quantities to suit the desired colour effect.

All Shimi Colours are highly resistance to fading when compared to conventional dyes and colouring agents, and are water-resistant. Such a high degree of light-fastness over such a range of fully intermixable colours makes them ideal for use many floor types.

ShimiColours L are designed for solvent, Acrylic or solids based epoxy systems, such as ShimiSeal, ShimiPoxy and other solvent based resin products.

ShimiColours L are 75% solids and formulated to blend consistently and thoroughly with Epoxy and Acrylic based products.

ShimiColours M

ShimiColour M is a pearlescent metallic powder designed for use with Glaze or Clear Epoxy Systems.  It can also be used in Acrylic products.  The finished look is a designer look that has a high gloss factor and a glass like finish with subtle reflective sparkle.

No two floors will ever look the same. There are endless creative and stunning techniques that can be used to create a style that you can call your own.

Metallic Epoxy Tints are also widely used within the artistic sector for artwork as well as flooring installers as part of a Metallic Epoxy System.

ShimiColours M are designed to be used when doing feature and decorative systems such as Swirl Coats and Marble Coats.

ShimiColours Metallic Pearl Pigments are available in the following effects and almost in all colours:



Sliver White:

Better weather resistance - Luster with silver metal-line effect whiter and brighter)


Gold, orange, red, violet, blue and green)

Golden Luster:

Sparkle and brilliant golden luster, high temperature suitable, chemical stability, weather resistance and non-conductive.


Glittering luster, Brighter and Purer chromatic effect

Metallic Luster:

Bronze, brown, red, purple red and red green - dazzlingly beautiful with Metallic luster, High physical and chemical stability.


Weather resistance and won't get gray and yellowish under high temperature.  Better whiteness and luster, better chroma and color clearness, less back spot and easy application.

Diamond Effect:  

3D diamond luster, excellent color purity, brightness, transparency and reflectivity.  Elegance and noble colour.

3D Magnetic:

Synthetic Fluorophlogopite, vivid 3D effect

Weather Resistance:

Environmentally benign and highly transparent pigments, excellent durability, humidity resistance and suitable for harsh weathering conditions.


Pearl Pigments, Mica Pigments, Glitter Powders, Effect Pigments

Metallic Pearlescent Flooring - Metallic Pigments

ShimiColour M "Metallic Pigments" are a fine powder which is composed of Mica and blend of metal oxides such as Iron Oxide (Fe2O3), Titanium Oxide (TiO2), Selenium Oxide (SnO2) and Synthetic Fluorphlogopite and Calcium and Aluminium Borosilicate.  These components are being used in skincare and cosmetic industries.

These pigments create pearlescent and iridescent effects that mimic the natural look of stone and rock formations. These unique pigments are designed to be blended with 100% Solids Clear epoxy.

ShimiColours M offers a range of metallic finish decorative flooring system with the look of a shimmering metallic stain. Versatile metallic range of products can be used with a wide range of Shimicoat Flooring Systems and is available in a variety of colors and decorative effects to provide a unique and exciting floor surface.  Our metallic epoxy flooring is one of the most applicator-friendly available in the industry, providing facilities with consistently high-quality floor protection that’s long-lasting, stylish and functional.

Choose from our wide selection of metallic epoxy flooring color combinations and blends to express your creativity. By utilizing our proprietary high performance, colorfast resins, your designs maintain their original beauty and impressive performance over time. These unique products are designed to give you some of the best results possible.  Our products help you to maintain a floor surface that is fresh, modern look, functional, hygienic, while supporting the design vision for each facility space. Update the look and performance of your floors with Shimicoat custom metallic epoxy systems.

Benefits & Feature of ShimiColours:

  • Great modern colour choices
  • Highly concentrated
  • Endless combinations
  • Quality finish when used as part of the full Metallic System
  • As a finished product used in bars, clubs, retail stores, residential interior floors and showrooms
  • Provides a beautiful three-dimensional appearance that gives the illusion of ripples, craters and swirl

All our flooring systems come with moisture mitigation and sealant properties.

Highly Concentrated

ShimiColours are highly concentrated colorants, offer excellent dispersion and consistent color. A very small amount will color a large amount of liquid resin and highly resistant to weathering conditions.  The more you add in proportion to the volume of liquid resin, the more dramatic the color effect you may obtain.

Endless Combinations

ShimiColours L and M ((Liquid and Metallic)), can be combined, mix and match to create amazing effects and spectacular design in a matter of minutes.

How to Add ShimiColors to your Acrylic, Urethane or Epoxy Resin

Adding a touch of colour is a simple way to get the most out of the epoxy resin you're using. Adding colours lends depth and complexity to surface coats, and you can add coloured resin between coats to mark a clear boundary, which comes in handy later if you have to sand off the topcoat. By adding just a little dye to a clear or white epoxy resin, you can achieve almost any effect you're going for.

ShimiColour addition rate is as low as 100mL to 1000mL per 20L of formulated epoxy, or acrylic resin products.  Lesser quantities are normally required for Acrylic systems.  The concentrations of ShimiColours in your resin may dictate the opacity and coverage level of your finished products and your desired result.

Most epoxy resins can accept colorant at a saturation between 5 and 20 percent.  ShimiColours are SO STRONG that you never need any concentration over and above 5% (1.0L per 20L Resin).  Even the high addition of 5% is rarely desirable.

Choose from many colors or mix them to create custom colors in order to produce the desired effect for your surface.


  • ShimiColours L
  • ShimiColours M

For more information: Shimi Colours

Self-Level Flooring Systems

Self-Level Flooring Systems

Flat subfloor is absolutely essential for every floor covering.  SHIMICOAT offers a selection of primer coatings capable of priming and consolidating all surfaces including instable, critical substrates and filling any cracks. SHIMICOAT offers a broad range of self-levelling compounds to ensure the subfloor is even and flat. SHIMICOAT specialist building materials create a perfect substrate for subsequent laying work, coating and adhesive setting.

Our self-sealing smooth matt or high gloss finish with good inherent slip-resistance for commercial applications and heavy industrial, are available in a range of colours and features.

SHIMICOAT coating materials have excellent abrasion resistance, high chemical resistance and is resistant to thermal shock.  Classified as non-tainting and food safe, our self-smoothing resin floor screed is suitable for restaurants, cafes, commercial kitchens, butchers, bakeries, food and beverage processing / manufacturing and packaging facilities.  It is used in labs, pharmaceuticals and test facilities smooth matt hygienic surface makes it easy to clean. Able to withstand heavy plant and traffic.  It is also used in automotive and aviation production areas, workshops, engineering units, chemical plants and other industrial areas.  It can also be used as an extremely hardwearing decorative seamless floor finish in areas with high foot-traffic such as stadiums, conference centres, shopping centres, department stores and lobbies.

One Day Installation

One Day Installation – One Day Curing 1+1

SHIMICOAT offers a complete garage floor coating in just two days!

Prep Day: First day for prep and base coat application

Coat Day: Second day for top coat and curing process

You don’t have to keep your stuff outside for days.  We have a range of polymeric technologies to offer fast cure epoxy or polyurea materials allowing us to complete your floor in most effective way with minimal disturbance to your normal life.

If you truly require a two days floor, our company is capable of installing fast cure and functional floors for your need.   We have commercial coatings projects that demand a rapid return-to-service. Such pressure may not exist in residential garage floors, but it may be a nice option to have.

Waterprooring and Moisture Mitigation Systems

Waterprooring and Moisture Mitigation Systems

SHIMI MVT Coating – “Moisture Vapour Mitigating” Floor Systems

Moisture is a common problem on many floors especially pertaining to slab-on-grade flooring. Moisture vapour transmission, or MVT, is becoming an increasingly expensive challenge for commercial and industrial building designers, contractors and owners.

What is MVT?

Site conditions can contribute to a concrete slab demonstrating undesirably high moisture vapour transmission levels. When this occurs, moisture vapour finds tiny pathways upward through the slab via capillary action, finally condensing into a high-pH liquid.  Build-up of this alkaline liquid on the concrete floor surface can destroy the ability of industrial flooring to bond to the concrete substrate.

In years past, contractors were forced to wait for new concrete to cure fully, prior to installing floor coatings. Various cumbersome tests were done over time, with the hope that the slab moisture would subside. We now know that some concrete slabs can take months before their MVT level is safe enough for typical coating system application. Other concrete floors may never achieve an acceptable level. With today’s tight construction deadlines and even tighter budgets, waiting with fingers crossed is no longer an option.

What Moisture Vapour Mitigating Floor Coatings Do You Need?

One of our highly experienced local representatives can evaluate your facility’s concrete floor for moisture vapour transmission and relative humidity. These test results will determine which of our MVT industrial flooring systems will work best for you and your budget.

Benefits of MVT Flooring Systems:

  • Most of our high performance floors can be installed with MVT protection
  • Fast curing and low odour moisture vapour mitigating floor system
  • Available from highly decorative and practical aesthetics
  • Available in slip-resistance Floors
  • Available with antimicrobial protection

These features and properties make our moisture vapor mitigating flooring systems ideal coating materials for virtually any application.

Reliability, Selection and MVT Flooring Value

When installed in accordance with our proven method, these moisture control floors remain well-bonded and perform as promised. The full range of our MVT industrial and commercial flooring, with your choice of utilitarian or highly decorative skid-resistant finishes, is available with full MVT flooring protection. Our moisture vapor mitigating floor coatings work, plain and simple—we’re confident on our products and services quality and we offer guarantee with certification.

Stone-Resin Epoxy Flooring Systems

Stone-Resin Epoxy Flooring Systems

SHIMI MVT Coating – “Moisture Vapour Mitigating” Floor Systems

Stone-Resin Concrete Flooring System is probably the best flooring system on the market.

Features and Benefits of Stone-Resin Concrete Flooring System:

  • Modern stone-chip finish
  • Functional
  • Beautiful stone-chip finish
  • Available in a wide range of blends
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to repair
  • Economical


Shimi Poxy Stone-Resin Flooring Systems are attractive, durable, environmentally sustainable flooring system that achieves the aesthetics of terrazzo while being extremely cost-effective. The high-performance epoxy polymer resin combined with colour stone/quartz granules results in a seamless flooring system that is slip-resistant, sanitary and extremely hard-wearing. Shimi Poxy Stone-Resin (Quartz) is available in a variety of colours, thickness, textures and finishes that will complement and enhance domestic, commercial, industrial and institutional spaces and interiors. No waxing or buffing is required to maintain the appearance or performance of this innovative/excellent product over time.

ShimiPoxy Stone-Resin (Quartz) Systems are Quartz flooring solutions that provide decorative, sanitary, slip-resistant and exceptionally durable concrete floor toppings. This high-performance epoxy polymer resin, when combined with blended color Quartz granules, results in a multi-functional floor with style, strength and superior lifecycle value.

Attractive, Cost-Effective & Eco-Friendly Stone-Resin (Quartz) Flooring

An excellent value-based alternative to terrazzo, ShimiPoxy Stone-Resin (Quartz) is available in a variety of thicknesses, textures and finishes. A broad spectrum of stock or custom colors and blends complement any décor and design. Sanitary and seamless, with optional integral cove base, ShimiPoxy Stone-Resin (Quartz) requires no special waxes or buffing to maintain its outstanding performance and aesthetics over time.

Industry Applications for ShimiPoxy Quartz Flooring

ShimiPoxy Stone-Resin (Quartz) Systems are a cost-effective flooring solution for a variety of spaces. They are ideal for commercial, industrial and institutional applications such as:

  • Locker Rooms & Restrooms
  • Schools & Classrooms
  • Cafeterias & Food Preparation
  • Retail & Showrooms
  • Light Manufacturing
  • Assembly & Packaging Plants
  • Lobbies & Offices
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Municipal & Public Safety Buildings
  • Recreational Venues& Stadiums
  • Hospitals, Clinics & Laboratories
  • Easy to clean, slip resistant, and attractive


ShimiPoxy Stone-Resin (Quartz) Flooring Systems are perfect for many facilities. This high-performing quartz flooring system offers long durability, making it ideal for areas with heavy traffic. Our decorative quartz flooring systems come in high gloss formulations, as well a satin finish, called “Silk Matte”.

Why Choose ShimiPoxy Stone-Resin (Quartz) Flooring Systems?

We offer several colour choices of ShimiPoxy Stone-Resin (Quartz) flooring, perfect for matching the facility’s aesthetic requirements. This decorative solution provides the look of a variety of aggregate colours that can be blended to match any décor, and the resulting floor is chemical resistant and highly durable. In addition, it is slip resistant, making it a safe option for flooring in high traffic areas. Some other advantages of ShimiPoxy Stone-Resin (Quartz) floorings are that they are longer lasting than vinyl, and it is impact resistant, a flooring choice for facilities that are subject to heavy traffic.

Polished and Honed

Polished and Honed

Internal Polished Concrete

Internal polished concrete is at the height of maintenance free and durability when it comes to internal flooring, not to mention seamless style and the added beauty of complete unique design with no two floors ever being the same.

At Shimicoat, we DO NOT simply grind your concrete and coat it with a resin epoxy, we offer a ‘True Polish’ to provide you with a full floor finish.

We first grind down your concrete to desired stone exposure, then after adding a densifying agent to create a non-porous hardened and stain resistant surface, we then buff and polish the floor with progressively finer diamond tooling until it gives off your desired finish. We then add our final penetrating sealing coat which protects your floor.

We can work to many different sheen levels, from an architectural satin styled sheen to a full gloss finish. Your choice of internal polished concrete will depend on a number of different factors, from the look of the rest of your interiors, to the nature of the concrete that is being polished. A satin sheen polished floor is perfect for garages, retail shop floors, warehouses and those interested in getting that earthy or architectural feel to their floor, while the full gloss finish is for those who want their floor to have the mirror effect.

Internal ‘true polished’ floors have huge benefits over other conventional flooring types, including:

  • Low maintenance
  • Will not give off VOC’s (volatile organic compounds)
  • Superior durability over other flooring types
  • Cost efficiency when compared to the continuous upkeep of surfaces like timber, carpets and tiles
  • A seamless design


At Shimicoat, we’re proud to provide the premier concrete polishing service to homes and commercial premises.  Our team are concrete professionals with a wealth of knowledge and ideas about how to make the most of polished concrete in any setting. We provide personal service and striking, beautiful results. Just take a look through our gallery for a taste of what we could do with your floors.

For more information about internal polished concrete or to arrange a quote, call us now or request a quote online.

External Honed Concrete

External honed concrete is the most visually stunning of all external surfaces, with polished stones glistening through the concrete; you are left with a flat, foot friendly, smooth, non slip surface. Not to mention, being the most hardwearing and low maintenance product that is available in external flooring surfaces. So you can forget weeds and grass finding its way into your pathways or alfresco! And to clean…simply broom and hose off!

Shimicoat Grinding grinds down the concrete to expose the aggregate within the floor, then polishes the surface to desired smoothness (non-slip or semi internal sheen) to leave your floor as a flat smooth on the foot surface with your chosen aggregate stones shining up at you.

Benefits of a honed outdoor surface include:

  • Smooth and feet friendly feel
  • Non slip availability
  • Superior durability over other flooring types
  • Unique designs and colour options
  • Mix styles can be customised to include ‘Glowstones’ and ‘3D Crete’
  • Exceptionally low maintenance
  • High durability and stain resistance

For more information about external honed concrete or to arrange a quote, call us now or request a quote online.

Honing Existing Washed Aggregate

Honing existing washed aggregate is a quick, cost effective way to bring new life to an aged, weathered aggregate surface. From a technical perspective, honing is the grinding stage in between aggressive grinding and fine polishing – using metal bonded diamond tooling to achieve a flat smooth finish.  In other word, honing is finer grit metal bond grinding prior to application of surface densifier and resin pad polishing.

If you have washed or exposed aggregate and would like it to be a smooth surface, Shimicoat Grinding can turn your rough or sharp washed aggregate surface into a smooth and ‘feet friendly’ floor through concrete honing. By grinding down the protruding stones and then honing the surface to your desired smoothness, you’ll get the honed concrete finish you want without re-pouring or resurfacing.

Benefits of honing your washed aggregate include:

  • Smooth and feet friendly surface
  • Non slip availability
  • Easier to clean and maintain
  • Rejuvenates your current concrete surface
  • Process can remove staining in current concrete
  • Turns your dull exposed stones into polished features in your floor

Honed concrete can also refresh the look of your outdoor décor, making concrete or aggregate surfaces safer and more attractive. For example, if you’ve got a garden path or poolside are that has become stained through years of use and exposure to the elements, honing can remove the stains and reveal the fresh bright surface and stones underneath.

At Shimicoat Grinding, we can help with every stage of creating the perfect outdoor polished concrete look. From the original design and concept through to surface preparation and honing, our professional team can take care of it all. We pride ourselves on creating concrete art, and will happily work with your builders, architects or garden designers to develop a cohesive overall look.

For more information about honing your existing washed aggregate or to arrange a quote, call us (0432 187 374) now or request a quote online.

Shimi Floor Maintenance

Shimi Floor Maintenance

Epoxy and other Polymeric Surface coating

How to take care of your Floor Coating

Whether you are remodelling, renovating or relocating, installing a new flooring system in your place of business is a big decision.

Installing residential, commercial or industrial flooring always means committing a large amount of time and a considerable amount of money to the project. Once the new floors have been laid, any sensible business-minded person would want to protect their investment. With a little care and some basic maintenance, you can ensure that your floor will stand the test of time.

Depending on the type of floor you have chosen, there are many different ways to make sure your working space stays pristine, safe and easy to navigate. At Shimicoat all the commercial or industrial floor coatings are offered by the professionals and require specialised care to keep them looking their best. While not always an involved process, knowing just how to best care for your floors will help you to protect your initial investment and get the most from our products.

Here are some of the best ways to ensure your floor is in great condition:

Keep your Epoxy floors in excellent shape

Good standards of industrial/commercial hygiene can only be maintained if the integrity of your epoxy floor is complete. Making sure that you know the right way to care for your epoxy flooring is vital. Proper maintenance of epoxy floors will enhance their longevity and keep them looking glossy and new for years. Epoxy Floors should be regularly swept with a soft bristled broom. We recommend at least once a day. Any spills should be dealt with straight away to prevent chemicals scoring or marking the floor or creating sticky patches. It is advisable to wash your epoxy floors at least once a week. Although epoxy floors are well known for their durability and strength, it is not advisable to drag sharp or rough-edged materials across them.

Like with most smooth floor types, the care is simple but should be carried out on a regular basis.

Using integrated floor mats and grilles can help to significantly reduce the ingress of dirt and dust.  Installation of such zones should be planned in advance.

Protection of newly applied floor

If an epoxy floor is installed at an early stage during new or refurbishment projects, the floor need to be treated with extra care, especially during the first two weeks, allowing full curing process.  These include avoidance of:

  • Heavy lifting equipment
  • Movement of heavy cumbersome machinery
  • Driving vehicles over the new epoxy floor
  • Spillage of paints, mastics, solvents, sealants, harsh chemicals etc


In addition, the following hints may be useful:

  1. The installation of temporary covers of a cardboard type material, and hardboard if other trades are to work in the area
  2. Covering the area to be subjected to traffic and additional trades with plywood sheets with heavy duty masking tape at the seams


This will minimise the risk of dirt being embedded into the surface of the floor before it reaches full hardness.  A period of 48 hours is advised at lower temperatures before light service is permitted, and two weeks prior to any full service.

Maintenance cleaning

The frequency of the maintenance cleaning depends on the degree of the dirt contamination and the standard of the cleanliness required and can be daily to weekly.  Loose dirt or dust is removed by appropriate methods, such as vacuum, damp mop or specialist machinery.  Shoe and skid marks can be removed with a suitable cleaner.  Clean the general floor area using a pH neutral, non-film forming water.  Cleaners are best used in conjunction with specialist machinery, followed by flushing with clean water.  Specific soiling may require specialist cleaners e.g. in kitchens for oil and grease.

Heavy soil cleaning

This type of cleaning has the best results when a specialist cleaning product manufacturer is consulted, thereby forming a cleaning plan that suits the individual needs of your particular facility.  Please consult Shimicoat technical representative for further details.

In general, Shimicoat suggests pH neutral, diluted general purpose detergents, non-abrasive products are used.

Reapplication of sacrificial polishes

These should be reapplied in accordance with the amount of traffic your facility encounters and the manufacturer’s recommendations.  Please consult Shimicoat technical team for further advise.

Maintenance and repair

Even the most assiduously cleaned epoxy floor may suffer damage to its integrity by some unforeseen incident in the workplace, which could result in a consequential risk of bacteriological build-up in cracks etc.  If this situation arises, the damaged epoxy floor should be repaired without delay.  Contact Shimicoat for advice and assistance.

Water used for cleaning must not exceed 50°C. Cleaning products must not contain abrasive media or solvents.   Best results are obtained by consultation with cleaning suppliers, or Shimicoat technical team for further advice.

Caring for Polyurethane Floors

Polyurethane Floor Coating is a highly resistant and incredibly durable flooring option. However, even the toughest floor needs to be properly maintained. Keeping your floor free of grit or rough materials will ensure it stays level and even. For this reason, regular washing or mopping of the floor is recommended. Do not use detergents as they can leave deposits on the floor that can impair the glossy finish.

Polyurethane Floor Toppings are a hard, impervious, non-absorbent and non-dusting flooring system.  This ensures not only their durability but the ease of cleaning when a suitable cleaning regime is used.  The cleaning and maintenance of a Polyurethane Floor Topping is considered vital and integral.

Not sure still on how to keep your floor coatings in good condition?

Talk to Shimicoat for further assistance and technical advice.