What is Epoxy Coating?

Epoxy is a material that is used to bind or seal the concrete floors of residential, commercial or industrial premises. When epoxies are applied properly the outcome is solid and gives a chemical resistant finish to the floors. Epoxy coatings are a mixture of two parts:
• An epoxy resin- It’s a clear or lightly coloured and odourless component
• A co-reactant or hardener- This material is darker and has an amine smell
These coatings are formulated based on the performance requirements and the specific combination of the parts will determine the final characteristics and suitability of this coating.

Benefits of Epoxy Floor Coating

• It makes the floor undoubtedly more durable and long-lasting
• It is slip, heat, chemical and fire resistant
• It can be glossy and reflect lights which improve the lighting in your facility
• It is very easy to clean the epoxy coated floors and the maintenance cost is also very low due to a sealed floor
• Epoxy floor coating in the industrial premises or in a warehouse can reduce wear on the transport vehicle and allow faster movement of products or materials
• This can reduce the cost of replacing a damaged floor or making a completely new one due to its durability
• Epoxy coating has a wide range of colours and patterns
• It is easily installable to the floor which means it’ll save a lot of time

Many Residential, Commercial and Industrial premises are now choosing 2-pack epoxy floor coating system over their old sealed concrete floors. The reasons being maintenance, chemical resistance, safety non-slip, hygiene, moisture blocking and appearance. In many warehouses, quality control depends on strict standards of cleanliness, especially in food preparation and health. Your existing flooring can be repaired and then re-coated using premium industrial grade 2-pack epoxy coatings making cleaning and maintenance easy.
Our tradesmen are trained with a variety of epoxy floor coating and other industrial floor coating systems that can be discussed during site visit. If your business needs to remain open, we have a flexible team who will work evenings, weekend, and during annual shutdowns to accommodate your needs. We employ skilled and dedicated tradesmen, and our skilled epoxy floor/surface specialists are equipped with the latest technology. We have provided flooring solutions to residential, commercial and industrial sectors such as homes (indoors and outdoors), automotive, chemical processing, food and beverage, hospitals and other industries.

Shimicoat Epoxy is a two component, 100% solids secondary containment topping/lining providing superior protection to concrete surfaces subjected to strong acids and caustics in a broad spectrum of industries. Shimicoat Flooring Systems may be used alone, with the addition of silica sand, decorative colored quartz aggregate, flakes and chips.

Colours can also be used with all our flooring system products.  Simply, add colour pack of your choice, to the Part A of Epoxy resin and get a brilliant colour on your floor surface.

Epoxy resins are used in residential, commercial and industrial applications with many effects for various purposes, these effects are such as:

1. Modern Flake/Chip Flooring
2. Antiskid Floors - Slip Resistant in a wide range of grip
3. Coved & Health Compliance Floors
4. Hygiene and Maintenance Free Flooring
5. Coating Over Existing Tiles
6. Pearl Effect Epoxy Flooring
7. Self-Level Flooring Systems
8. Seamless and Pearl Glass Finish
9. Decorative Seamless Flooring
10. Metallic and Glitter Epoxy
11. Stone-Resin Epoxy Flooring Systems – Unlimited Blends
12. Fluorescent and Glow in Dark Epoxy
13. Epoxy Colours to define boundaries

We are proud to offer specific Flooring Systems – Design to suite clients’ needs.  One Day Installation and one day curing to save your concrete.

Epoxy resin is a thermosetting polymer based materials, which is poured over the hard and well prepared surfaces to protect against environmental effects as well as daily wear and tear. It also leaves your flooring with a stunning shine and great appearance in your choice of colours and effects.

Use Epoxy resin to protect against stains and imperfections in your floors, at home or your business.

Benefits of Epoxy Flooring:
• Modern and Stylish
• Durable
• Hygienic
• Fully functional
• Environmentally Friendly (no pesticide or water used)
• Economical

Why Choose Shimicoat Flooring Systems:
• Over 25 years of professional experience
• Always put customers’ needs ahead of ours
• Meets and exceeds industry standards
• Experienced and trained employees
• Work closely with the colour experts
• Weekend and night time availability

• Public Liability Insurance.
• Home Warranty Insurance.
• Workers Compensation Insurance.
• Occupational Health & Safety Compliant with complete OH&S system in place.

Furthermore, we offer twelve months warranty on workmanship and five years warranty on materials.  We provide you with a certificate of compliance.

Epoxy Products
1.   HIPOXY - High Build Basecoat Epoxy
2.   TOPOXY - Top Coat Epoxy
3.   FIXPOXY - Patch & Repair Epoxy


Please contact the Shimicoat Tech Team on +61 8 9364 7446 for more details regarding documentation