ShimiGrip Products - Slip Reducer in a wide range of grips

ShimiGrips are white fine powder especially formulated to reduce surface slipperiness and increase the friction.

ShimiGrip are available in a range of grips as follow:

ShimiGrip products have the following advantages:
• Disperses readily and evenly through most resins.
• High suspension rate, allowing sufficient time for application.
• No tendency to rapid settlement or floatation.
• Compatible with most resins and polymeric products.
• Same/Similar rate of expansion/contraction as most resin products.
• Increases surface abrasion resistance of sealers.
• Compatible with both solvent and water based systems.

Mixing Instructions:

Add 250 grams to 10 litres Kit of raisin.  Always add the ShimiGrip Powder into partA, mix gently with a hand paddle, for 3-5minutes, then; add part B.


Please contact the Shimicoat Tech Team on +61 8 9364 7446 for more details regarding documentation