Travertine Tile Flooring

• Stylish
• Natural and eco-friendly
• Durable and Long-lasting
• Subdued effect
• Easy to repair

Travertine tiles are the oldest building materials in existence, and its presence in a flooring installation can add a taste of history, age, prestige and style to the home environment. Each piece is a nature-formed unique art of earth. Each floor is one of a kind installation dominated by naturally occurring stones laid in style.

A completely earthborn product, travertine is an abundant natural resource that is fully recyclable and biodegradable. It can be salvaged from old installations for use in new ones, but it will also break down into the environment seamlessly if disposed of.

Hard and durable tile materials such as travertine are made to take a beating without showing significant damage from scratches, cracks or chips. Travertine flooring is one of the few types of flooring that can be laid in both interiors and exteriors.

Travertine floors last for decades. They need regular maintenance and periodic care and the weathering effect over years of use make it more attractive and ancient look, however, if you wish, it can be combated through the periodic application of a Canitis Stone Sealer called CANSEAL, which comes in two grades of high gloss and matt finish. Surface coating of the Travertine may assist in restoration and protection of the surface together with reducing the porosity of the material.

The unique power of natural stone available in a large range of colours and textures, off-white, cream, tans and beiges, brown, greys,graphite and black appearance tiles can bring the towering dominance of earth to your home without overwhelming the floor with dramatic colors.
Since travertine comes laid in tile form, when a particular piece breaks it can easily be removed and replaced. It is important to keep a few extra travertine tiles around to ensure that repairs can be matched to the current installation.

There are a number of disadvantages with Travertine Flooring that you as a home owner need to be aware of. Travertine tiles are heavy, expensive and cold on feet. They may also require more maintenance compared to conventional glazed tiles.

An application of sealer over the surface may overcome most of its disadvantages. Please talk to Canitis technical team for further advice.

Some comments from clients:

• Travertine Tile Gives a Natural Look
• Travertine Tile Has Beautiful Variations
• It Brings the Sense of Nature to My Homes
• It Is Very Easy to Find on the Market
• Travertine Is a Durable Material
• Travertine Flooring Provides Several Other Alternatives
• Easy to seal and protect the surface

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