Shimicoat Polyurethane - SHIMIDUR

SHIMIDUR is Shimicoat Polyurethane based topcoat system. SHIMIDUR has innovative technology offering excellent wetting, adhesion, barrier and film properties on most surfaces such as metal, wood, plastic and concrete substrates.
SHIMIDUR dispersions offer a cost effective alternative to standard polyurethane with enhanced performance.

SHIMIDUR provides the same ease of use and VOC compliance of typical waterborne dispersions with the added benefits of outstanding barrier properties, durability and UV resistance in any flooring systems.

SHIMIDUR is a hard, sandable and buffable polymeric surface coating materials that must be adequately used to deliver maximum performance. It has good UV and yellowing resistance on exterior exposure.

Features and Benefits:

• Outstanding adhesion to a wide variety of substrates, including plastics.
• Fast dry times— <30 minutes touch-dry, 1 hr hard-dry.
• Superior chemical resistance properties.
• Resistance to a large variety of stains (particularly mild acid and caustic.
• Good UV stability and gloss retention for topcoats.
• Films with excellent mechanical properties.
• Good mechanical and thermal dispersion stability.
• Excellent early block and abrasion resistance.
• Pigment-able to suit your surface colour design.


Processing and application equipment used for SHIMIDUR coatings should be cleaned immediately after use, before the coating dries. For best results, rinse and flush thoroughly with water using mechanical agitation such as brushing or wiping if possible. This may be followed by a thorough rinse and flush with acetone or methanol. UreDur coatings which are allowed to dry may be difficult to clean. When drying occurs, a thorough wipe with a methanol soaked towel may be necessary.

Polyurethane Products:

Shimicoat Polyurethane Based (UV resistant Topcoat)


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